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Satan and His Plan of Evil


This book is a very condensed compilation of the basic issues that the Bible teaches us regarding Satan and his activities, and the relationship that they have to God's activities and His plan and purpose. During the many years that I have taught this doctrine in detail as a pastor-teacher, numerous requests have been received to put together a basic synopsis of the doctrine in written form. The desire was for a concise summary, which would not only serve as a means to review the doctrine, but that also could be used to introduce others to it. This, therefore, is an attempt to provide just such a synopsis. I hope that it fulfills the desires of those who requested it, and that it may help other Christians to both understand this very important doctrine, and to avoid being victimized by "the wiles of the devil."

I would like to express my gratitude to the many saints that I have had the privilege of pastoring, both past and present, and who have helped out in many ways in the preparation of this work. Special thanks to the saints of the Chilliwack Bible Church, Chilliwack, BC and most especially to those of the North Calgary Open Bible Fellowship, Calgary, Alberta. The practical, technical, and financial contributions made by these saints has made this work possible. Also the encouragement and helpful suggestions that have been given by other of my "fellowlabourers in Christ" has been greatly appreciated.

Often times authors dedicate books to certain individuals who mean a great deal to them and who hold a special place in their hearts. Though I could certainly do this, (there being no shortage of special people to choose from), I instead dedicate this volume to you the reader. May it help contribute to your understanding of the word of God, and increase your appreciation for both the magnificence of the riches of God's grace unto you in Jesus Christ, and for His "manifold wisdom" according to His "eternal purpose which He purposed in Christ Jesus our Lord." - Keith R. Blades

"Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." (II Timothy 2:15)



The Bible's testimony concerning the person of Satan and his activities is nothing short of fascinating. His presence and deeds span the entire scope of the Biblical record, from Genesis to Revelation. His adversarial operations and opposition to God are directly pointed out many times in the Scriptures, from which we understand that he has made a career out of opposing God. He bears names, titles, and designations in the Bible from which we are to understand the great influence he has in God's creation. For example, the names "Satan," "the Devil," "Belial," along with the designations "the old serpent," "the great dragon," "the god of this world," etc., all testify to the influential activities that this unique creature has in this world. His capacity to influence things in creation can be appreciated by two particular titles that he bears , "the prince of the world" and "the prince of the power of the air." Along with this, Satan is also referred to as "the father" of unjustified people, and "the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience." His activities, therefore, are not impersonal and devoid of any particular application. Instead they directly affect men on this earth. And even Christians, though "delivered from the power of darkness," are not immune to Satan's devices. For this reason we are exhorted not to "give place to the devil"; to beware of his "snares"; to properly equip ourselves so as to withstand his "wiles," and the like.

In view of this, it is little wonder that Satan and his work is a fascinating subject, and one which rightly demands the attention of Christians.

Yet, though this is the case, there is unfortunately much ignorance among Christians about Satan, especially when it comes to defining just what it is that he is trying to do in his overall purpose. Equally so there is often confusion and uncertainty in defining just what it is that Satan is doing today, and what his "wiles" are that Christians are up against. In truth, a lot of what he is blamed for he is not necessarily the author of, and a lot of what he is engaged in doing goes unrealized by Christians because they fail to understand his objectives and tactics.

In II Corinthians 2:11 the apostle Paul says something to the saints at Corinth that makes it evident that he taught them much about Satan and his activities. As part of his exhortation to them to respond properly to a repenting brother, Paul says,...

"Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: FOR WE ARE NOT IGNORANT OF HIS DEVICES." (II Corinthians 2:11)

The Corinthian saints weren't ignorant of Satan's "devices." Paul had taught them much of what they needed to know. But the same can not be said of many Christians today. It is not so much that there is ignorance about Satan himself, but there is ignorance about his "devices."

It is also evident from Paul's statement to the Corinthians that getting "an advantage" with Christians is something that Satan desires, and that ignorance of his "devices" would greatly facilitate him in that matter. For this reason it is extremely important that Christians have a solid understanding of just what it is that Satan is after in his overall plan and purpose, and how it is that he is going about achieving his objectives. Without such an understanding not only will the particular "devices" and "wiles" he employs to accomplish his objectives go undetected, but what is worse is that a Christian will end up being victimized by those "devices" and wind up in "the snare of the devil."

With this being the case, the purpose of this work is to provide a concise yet adequately comprehensive understanding of the overall plan and objectives that Satan has formulated, and the activities he engages in as he endeavors to succeed with his plan.

I have chosen to refer to what Satan has formulated as his plan of evil, because this is just what his plan and purpose is. Something that is evil is morally bad or wrong and contrary to that which is good, even involving wickedness. It is wicked in that it proceeds from a nature that is corrupt, vindictive, and bent upon doing that which is offensive and contrary. This is exactly what Satan is, and hence what his plan is. He is a corrupt creature and wicked in nature. And being so he has formulated a plan of evil; a plan that is vindictively contrary to God and all that He is doing.

Before beginning the examination of Satan's plan of evil, a few comments about the nature of this work are in order.

As is indicated in the title, this is only a survey-type examination of the Bible doctrine of Satan and his plan of evil. It is not designed to be an exhaustive study of Satan's career and activities, but a basic sketch, so to speak. It is designed first of all to focus upon the main issues that pertain to what it is that Satan is trying to accomplish, so that his overall plan is understood. Then it will proceed to give an overview of what it is that Satan has been doing in the past, is now doing in this dispensation, and will yet be doing to achieve his objectives as he endeavors to thwart God's own plan and purpose with His creation. Necessarily, in a survey like this, some matters that could easily call forth a study of their own will only receive brief development. Others, which would be included in an exhaustive treatment, will need to be passed over in favor of the issues that provide the essential overview. Nevertheless, this work will cover the issues that are needful for obtaining a strategic grasp upon Satan's plan of evil.

Along with doing this, special emphasis will be given to the subject of Satan's activities as they relate to this present dispensation of God's grace in which we live. This is not only natural but important, seeing that it is Satan's present tactics that Christians face today, and not, for example, what he will yet be doing when God resumes His program and dealings with the nation of Israel. Out of all that Satan is doing, the most important thing to understand is the particular policy of evil that he presently has in effect. Again, this is what Christians are up against today. It is the "devices" of Satan's present policy of evil against the church, the body of Christ, of which we cannot afford to be ignorant.

In addition to the primary aim of this work, an understanding of Satan's plan of evil also provides a deeper understanding and appreciation for what it is that God Himself is doing. Often times the issue of God's own purpose, both with His nation of Israel and with His "new creation" the body of Christ, is not clearly understood by Christians. What is the purpose with these two entities? Why has God suspended His program and dealings with Israel, and in the meantime ushered in a new dispensation in which He is forming a "new creation?" A proper comprehension of what God is doing can only really be had if Satan's plan of evil is also understood. A complimentary aim of this work, therefore, will also be to provide a clear recognition of the design and purpose in God's own activities in this world, as they relate to His creation of the nation of Israel, and to His "new creation" of today, the "one new man," the church the body of Christ.


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